Coronavirus: Fervent and Effectual Prayer / A Letter from Pastor Grant

A Heart Issue

The unrepentant heart and a heart that has drifted from Him is deceitful and desperately wicked. We have a constant responsibility to guard our heart and ensure it is fully set on loving Christ.

Into A Wealthy Place

Through adversity and trial God brings His people into a wealthy place – an abundant, overflowing, spiritual place in Him.

Palm Sunday: Babes and Sucklings

Hosanna in the highest! Saviour and salvation for the sinner, a constant and present help to the saved. He still chooses those that are completely dependent on Him.

Meditate on His Works

Life’s most discouraging and despair filled moments are challenges to one’s belief system. We act according to what we believe.

The Spirit of Caleb

Caleb’s life was a testament to following God fully. We can learn much from him through his unshakeable trust and faith in God and consistent strength even at old age.