Coronavirus: Fervent and Effectual Prayer / A Letter from Pastor Grant

Our Pastor

Biography: Bishop Ivan Grant, Jr.

Pastor, New Beginning AFCOG

Pastor Grant has been happily married and lovingly devoted to his wife Jaclyn since 2005. Blessed with four kids — girls, Jacelyn and Jadyn; boys, Ivan and Ian. He and his wife continue to work dutifully in the local church and its governing body, The National Fellowship Churches of God, Inc. — he currently serves as Adjunct Bishop for the NFCOG and Lady Jaclyn serves as the Creative Director for NFCOG’s youth program, Uth4Christ.

He was called to the ministry and ordained as a Minister in 2008. His initial sermon was “The Acceptable Year of the Lord” with text taken from Isaiah 61:1-3. The immediacy of the need to respond to the word of God continues to be a cornerstone of his ministry. He was later ordained as Elder in 2011 and installed as Pastor of New Beginning AFCOG in 2012. He additionally serves on the Board of Bishops, is Chaplain and Instructor in the NFCOG Bible Institute, and continues his serve as Controller for NFCOG.

He is a profound teacher of God’s Word and has proven himself not to be a novice in the defense of the Gospel as he upholds the standard of holiness.